It's our mission to make families happy and accommodate however possible.

We will always provide families with all of their photos and do not have any hidden costs. Transparency is important to us!

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Our Process

Here, you'll find out how your photo shoot will go and what you can expect from us.


Lighting is important for getting awesome photos. We bring a small lighting setup with us, but we prefer natural light as the best source.

We ask parents to open all of the blinds and curtains in the home prior to our arrival. This enables us to find the best source of natural light in your home, so that we can set up our “mini studio” in the best possible location. When we arrive, we’ll walk through your home looking for most optimal light and will choose to have the majority of the shoot in those spots.

We'll never flash lights directly in anyone's face. We promise!

•    •    •

Attention to detail

We try our best to keep visible distractions out of the backgrounds of photos. We have a few tips for you!

  • Clean up surfaces (counters, tables, etc.)
  • Have pets? Lint rollers are perfect to remove extra pet hair from blankets, pants, you name it.

•    •    •

How to dress

For moms, we suggest cotton knit tops. For newborns, skin-on-skin portraits with you holding your baby against you can be a great shot. If you want some portraits like this with your newborn, consider a tank top to change into. 

Please also take care of nails and moisturize hands/feet.

We may shoot your hands and feet, and, as you’ll be holding your newborn, child or pet, it’s helpful to groom nails beforehand and to moisturize hands/feet. 

For Mom & Dad
We recommend dressing in your personal style as a lifestyle shoot is supposed to look effortless. Typically, neutral colors are the best for the least number of distractions from our subjects - you! 

For bed shots and shots around the house, socks or no socks is usually a question to consider. If you have photo-ready feet, go barefoot! If you would like to wear socks, check the bottoms for holes.

•    •    •

How we work

We use two cameras. One of us will be the primary photographer while the other will help direct, pose and coordinate. We try our best to have everyone looking at the same camera.

If you have a particular style in mind or a must-have-shot, please send it to us, ahead of time. It will help with our planning.

After your photo shoot, we go home, back up your photos and pick the best ones. Within a few days, we send you a photo gallery. Your photos are hosted at your personalized URL forever and you can download all photos, buy prints and send to friends and family. We encourage sharing your  @Halfhalfphoto gallery! 


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